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It was the “girl can’t quit boy even though she absolutely deserves better and should ”It’s even found space to fold in the “we temporarily came to our senses and dated other people but oops here we are again” story too.

Something is supposed to happen so when the next shit relationship comes along you can recognise the red flags and go “NOOOOPE”.

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Just nip that Stephen Bear thing in the bud.)Before one season of the show kicked off, Gaz was in his kitchen with his mum and dad, getting a pep talk.

)(Disclaimer II: Gary and Charlotte’s relationship also ended terribly, with Charlotte leaving the show due to an ectopic pregnancy while Gary played silly buggers on Ex on the Beach, disseminating weird opinions in his column in the Daily Star.

At no point should you read this as a “this relationship was good”, “they should get back together” or “Gary isn’t terrible for what he did throughout their on and off relationship”.)It was the one night stand struggling to make it work long term.

(Disclaimer: While I realise this may be odd publishing a story like this the day after Valentine’s, it is because I am a slovenly man — I originally wrote up the first draft of this back in May 2016.

I just needed to be reminded it was sitting in my mobile phone notes.

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