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For customers it means anytime they’re stuck, a chat window launches, instantly connecting them to that live agent, who have AI-fueled NLP tools to provide answers right away.

• Connects help staff to customers quickly • Launches a chat window automatically • Provides help faster than email responses • Live chat tools are adaptable to any platform • Decreases traffic to live support center agents • Increases conversions and lowers costs Inbenta AI-fueled natural language processing gives live chat the intuitive, highly responsive capabilities it needs to launch a chat box automatically.

Plugins allow extending the features and customization of the functionality of XChat.

The default view for the client window is referred to as "tree view", but can be configured for a tabbed interface instead.

No more need to swap tools, applications or screens, mid-sentence.

Chat with our hosts, guests and other listeners during the shows.

This snippet uses a few of our API methods along with some native Java Script methods.

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We recommend that you enlist the help of your website developer, or have a good understanding of Java Script, before adding this to your website.

Here is a video overview of what will happen on your website. The actual code snippet is below, with comments throughout explaining exactly what each line is doing.

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