Adult dating castroville texas

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You live in a trailer going towards hondo now rigjt?

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I always see the ambulance at her place taking her somewhere...maybe rehab..girl is strung out! Your just mad because Lisa's got more of a backbone than any of you. You know your right they are nothing but hypocrites because they wanna be talking and it aint nothing but lies but in the meantime they dont look at there wrong doings.

And her white trash whatever is also a big piece of crap. Good to know I am supporting her and her offspring who I will most likely also support in the future. She found the nasty disgusting vile creatures you and your master b are and exposed you! Im a grown woman and ive made mistakes in my past but im grown now and ive got a stable life and full custody of my kids and there 4 awesome kids and very respectful and all straight A students.

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