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Instead, the show is conducted on Rose's terms, as a genial debate; or, he prefers to say, a lengthy "conversational arc".

Yet in spite of this rather unfashionable approach—or perhaps because of it—the show is beloved by the American elite; particularly in Manhattan, and, as his walk to our table demonstrated, particularly in Michael's restaurant.

Gayle says that's NOT what she said, and if she was she would have said it years ago.

The first sign I get that Charlie Rose has entered the room is when the suave maître d' of Michael's restaurant, a haunt of New York's powerbrokers, rushes across to my table and declares, with a thrilled tone: "He's here!

during "CBS This Morning" -- what's not clear is why she said it, and if she was joking. she and co-hosts Norah O'Donnell and Charlie Rose are having a convo with a guest about choosing the right mate -- and Gayle jokes with Charlie that they'd be a perfect couple.

As for what she really DID say -- Gayle says she was stuttering after saying she was kidding.

Nor—unlike most modern talk shows on American television—is there angry vitriol.

Eventually, after navigating the packed room, Rose arrives at my table and casually chucks his coat on a chair with a supremely confident, easy air.

Charlie Rose is a legend and a real gem in the world of journalism.

What with the crazy hours and interviews to prep — starting a family just falls between the cracks.

But thankfully, if you are toastmaster to the greats, it's never to late to recall why you put that string around your little finger in the first place.

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